Breast Augmentation Procedure Steps

Breast Augmentation Procedure Steps | Las Vegas Plastic Sugery

One of the key reasons behind the wide acceptance of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is that the procedure is significantly customizable. The surgeon may choose different incision locations and implant placement positions as needed, but the overall steps in the procedure largely remain the same.

During the pre-op consultation, the surgeon will explain the procedure steps to familiarize the patient with the surgery. When the patient is fully aware of the procedure, her initial anxiety will be reduced. Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Brian J. Parker provides breast augmentation to patients in Las Vegas and surrounding locations.



Breast augmentation procedure is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia. A certified anesthetist nurse or an anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia after determining that the patient is fit to receive this procedure. After the plastic surgery is completed, the patient will be brought out of anesthesia.

The effects of anesthesia will last for a few hours, during which the patient may feel cold, groggy, and nauseous. She should have a responsible person to drive her back home after the procedure, and preferably stay overnight for assistance.


Placing the Incisions

The procedure will begin with the surgeon placing the incisions in inconspicuous locations, which could be at the base of the breast, under the arm, around the areola, or in a few cases, in the navel. The incisions will be placed in a way to minimize subsequent scarring.

The incision location will be determined at the time of surgical planning in close consultation with the patient. The anatomical and aesthetic needs of the patient will be taken into account for this decision. Dr. Parker is a dedicated cosmetic surgeon receiving patients from Las Vegas and nearby areas for breast implant surgery.


Implant Placement

The surgeon will have the option to place the implants below the pectoral muscle or in front of the pectoral muscle immediately behind the breast tissue. Depending on the size of implants, the patient’s unique breast anatomy and her cosmetic goals, the right choice of implant placement will be made. Both placement options will have their own pros and cons, and the surgeon will help the patient to make the best decision.


Wound Closure

Once the implants have been adjusted into the breast pockets, the surgeon will carefully close the wounds with traditional or dissolvable sutures. Traditional sutures will be removed by the surgeon in about seven to 10 days. The patient should take care to keep the incision site completely clean to mitigate infection risks, and avoid putting strain in the incision area in the initial post-operative phase.


Bandages and Drains

Immediately after the surgery, the surgeon will wrap the breasts in bandages to support healing. Drain tubes will be placed below the skin in the incision areas for about 10 days to collect excess fluid and reduce the risk of infection. A special surgical bra will be provided to the patient. This bra should be worn all the time for several weeks until the newly shaped breasts have firmed up and healed sufficiently.


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