Venus Freeze – Fat Removal Treatment

Venus Freeze – Fat Removal Treatment | Las Vegas

Parker Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Solutions is a state of the art practice providing a wide range of cosmetic surgery as well as non-surgical procedures. The practice is led by an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Juel Parker, who is a Las Vegas native and hails from a family that has been associated with the medical profession for nearly half a century. Apart from surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, Dr. Parker also provides innovative non-surgical cosmetic enhancement solutions such as CoolSculpting, and Fraxel laser treatment to his patients in and around Las Vegas.

Non-surgical Treatments

A number of patients are keen to receive cosmetic enhancement treatments, but may not be comfortable with the idea of undergoing an invasive procedure with a cosmetic surgeon. In all such cases, the surgeon may be able to provide non-surgical options that can help achieve similar outcomes without surgery. Technological advancements in this field have led to the emergence of innovative non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments such as Fraxel, CoolSculpting, and Venus Freeze. While plastic surgery procedures continue to remain an important choice for many patients because of the clear advantages of such procedures, but the demand for non-surgical procedures is also on the rise. An estimated 10 million non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are performed every year in the United States. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker understands this growing need for non-invasive procedures, and provides cutting-edge treatments at his office in Las Vegas.

What is Venus Freeze?

For patients who are keen to avoid cosmetic surgery, Venus Freeze has come up as an innovative solution to achieve an enhanced aesthetic appearance without surgery. The procedure is based on a unique (MP)² technology that provides multiple uses to address the aesthetic goals of different patients. It is effective not just as a skin tightening treatment, but also achieves fat reduction in targeted areas of the body. Venus Concept, the company behind the (MP)² patented technology, has achieved acceptance from a wide range of cosmetic enhancement experts around the world. The technology is comprehensive because it combines the features of both multi polar radio frequency (RF) as well as pulsed magnetic fields. The synergy resulting from this combination manages to produce very significant outcomes to meet the aesthetic needs of patients.

Benefits of Venus Freeze

Apart from the successful and proven results with Venus Freeze, which allow patients to replace the need for plastic surgery, the technique offers several added benefits. The procedure is completely free of the risks that are typically associated with any surgery. It is entirely free of pain, and does not involve general anesthesia or IV sedation. It does not cause any collateral damage to healthy skin surface. Even cooling aids are not required in this procedure because it releases heat in a homogeneous manner with minimal temperature spikes. Operating the technology does not require highly specialized training, which allows a doctor or aesthetician to administer the treatment easily. The intuitive user interface makes sure that the treatment is performed evenly and smoothly for best results.

How Does Venus Freeze Work to Remove Fat?

The magnetic pulse component of the (MP)² technology allows the growth factors to be released for rejuvenated skin. A synthesis of elastin and collagen is promoted by the RF component of the treatment. The combination helps achieve skin tightening and the sagging skin becomes more elastic, tighter, and smoother. The technique also works effectively to reduce the appearance of wrinkles once the natural production of elastic and collagen is induced in the skin’s deeper layers. Venus Freeze technology also helps in the reduction of cellulite and the enhancement of the body contour with its RF component.

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