Dermal Fillers

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The effects of aging, sun exposure, facial muscle movements, smoking and the effects of gravity all contribute to the loss of a youthful face. Fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and smile lines all “mask” the once youthful appearance of the face. The aging process can’t be completely avoided, but it can be reduced and concealed for a period of time. Soft-tissue fillers can fill in the lines and creases temporarily to restore a smoother, younger looking face.

The Consultation
LV Plastic Surgery offers a complimentary consultation to fully educate you on all the options available in the latest, safest and most popular injectable on the market. We only use FDA approved, US sourced fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Belotero and more.


The Dermal Filler Treatment
Small amounts of the dermal fillers are injected directly into areas where the body’s own collagen has been weakened, thus raising the depressions to the level of the surrounding skin. In this way, lines and scars can be minimized, the texture is improved, and the skin has a softer and more even tone. Replacing lost volume and even enhancing or augmenting features are options available.

Post Treatment
Dermal filler results may not be readily apparent due to swelling or bruising of the recipient sites. You will be advised to avoid sun contact until the swelling and bruising are gone. You should wear a sunblock or makeup with sunblock in it following your procedure to help maintain its longevity.


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