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Many people struggle with excess body fat, which makes then unhappy about their physical appearance and personality. In cases where body fat becomes stubborn, it does not go away easily with exercise and diet. A number of cosmetic surgery procedures are available to reduce excess body fat in cases where diet and exercise are not able to make a significant impact. However, a lot of people do not wish to undergo invasive surgery for cosmetic fat reduction. Some are even reluctant to opt for laser based fat removal procedures.

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For these types of people, CoolSculpting presents an ideal solution to reduce unwanted fat without surgery or lasers. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary technique in the sense that it adopts a completely different approach from traditional surgical and laser based approaches. It makes use of an innovative tissue cooling process that targets unwanted fat cells in a specific body part without making an adverse impact on the skin. Fat cells in the body are sensitive to cold conditions, and focused cooling of those cells can cause their disintegration and natural removal from the body. CoolSculpting procedure is based on this principle, and the results are highly effective for most people.

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Unique Approach

Unlike surgical or heating techniques, CoolSculpting adopts an entirely unique and radically different approach to eliminate unwanted fat cells. It uses a cooling technique to freeze away the targeted fat cells and cause them to disintegrate and die. The technique is precise and does not cause any damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. The treatment approach is simple, fast, effective, and free of the risks typically associated with surgery or lasers.

Laser, sonic wave, and surgical techniques tend to have some unintended adverse impact on the surrounding healthy tissue during their process of burning, extraction or shattering of targeted fat cells. However, with CoolSculpting such intensive approaches to fat cell destruction are avoided. With the cooling process, the fat cells begin to die underneath the skin, and within a few months they get completely removed from the body.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure that is considered to be among the safest fat reduction procedures available today. The procedure begins with the application of a special gel that is applied to the skin to provide it protection against the cold. The procedure usually takes about one hour to complete.

The fantastic part is that the patient does not have to be under anesthesia or bear any pain during the procedure. The patient may watch TV or go to sleep while the treatment is in progress. Complete removal of targeted fat cells is usually achieved in one or two sessions, depending on the extent of fats to be removed.Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 2.04.19 PM


CoolSculpting by Zeltiq has become an increasingly popular fat reduction procedure because of its inherent advantages, not just over surgery, but also over other minimally invasive techniques. With CoolSculpting, no harm comes to the healthy skin cells, while only the underlying fat cells get affected. Invasive approaches involving needles, suction hoses, and surgeon’s scalpel are entirely avoided.

Scarring is a major concern for a lot of patients seeking fat reduction treatment. This risk is completely eliminated with CoolSculpting. For busy mothers and working people, CoolSculpting offers a key advantage of minimal or no downtime. The patient can fit the treatment into his or her everyday routine easily. Most people can go back to work immediately after treatment.


CoolSculpting is a proven fat reduction technology with effective outcomes in most cases. A majority of patients can experience noticeable results after the first treatment session. The outcome improves over a period of few months while the targeted fat cells die naturally and get eliminated from the body.

Frozen cells are disposed of in a natural way, which does not cause any adverse impact on the body. At the same time, fat reduction does not appear very sudden, and results appear more natural as they occur gradually. The outcomes are usually more significant for patients who undergo multiple CoolSculpting sessions.

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