Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery Las Vegas

Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breast for a number of reasons:
· To enhance the body contour of a woman who feels her breast size is too small.
· To correct a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy.
· To balance a difference in breast size.
· As a reconstructive technique following breast surgery.

The Consultation

Dr. Parker offers a no charge consultation for breast enlargement surgery. The consultation is your opportunity to meet with Dr. Parker and to review implant options, surgical outcomes, and associated risks. Each consultation takes about thirty to forty-five minutes and will include a tailored price quote upon completion.

Many plastic surgeons treat breast enlargement surgery with a cookie cutter approach. Every patient gets the same style implant and same surgical approach, the only thing that varies is size. Dr. Parker on the other hand believes that each patient is an individual. He will choose the implant style, shape and projection based on your specific needs. He is a perfectionist and as a result has built an impeccable reputation for this procedure. Dr. Parker is also one of the few surgeons that is certified for the use of the Natrelle 410 breast implant.

Surgical Timeline images

The following is a detailed time line for breast augmentation surgery. This graph outlines your surgical preparation along with your surgery and recovery expectations.


  • Consultation
  • Schedule surgery, secure date with a $250 non-refundable deposit.
  • Two weeks prior to surgery, BEGIN: No aspirin, red wine, vitamin E, or other products containing blood-thinning drugs. A complete list will be provided.
  • 10-14 days prior to surgery, Pre Op Appointment: Take before photos, complete consent paperwork, receive prescriptions for medications, get orders for lab work, choose implant size, complete history & physical and pay the balance in full.
  • Within 7 days of surgery. Complete lab work and mammogram, if necessary. Have results forwarded to clinic. Fax (702) 240-1949
  • You will need to purchase a sports bra to be used after your surgery. Details will be provided at your Pre op appointment.
  • The night before surgery you should wash the surgical areas with antibacterial soap and NOT eat or drink after midnight.
  • Leave all valuables at home, wear loose, comfortable attire and arrange for a ride home.

Day of Surgery

  • You will need a ride to and from the surgical center.
  • Even though you may not eat or drink anything, you should take your daily medications with a sip of water the morning of surgery.
  • Arrive at the directed time with the forms already filled out.
  • You will have an opportunity to consult with the anesthesiologist regarding any special concerns.
  • You will meet with Dr. Parker one last time to mark the surgical areas and discuss any last questions or expectations.
  • The surgery will take about one hour during which you will receive an intercostals nerve block that will numb the chest wall and provide pain relief during recovery.
  • After your surgery is over, you will be moved to the recovery room where you will rest for about an hour or as long as needed before you will be released to a responsible caregiver.

 Recovery Period

  • A responsible caregiver should be with you for the first 24 hours.
  • You should take medications as prescribed for maximum pain management.
  • For compression, an ace bandage will be placed around your chest. Please leave in place until your first post-operative visit.
  • You will return to the clinic within 24 hours to make sure all is healing well. Please bring your sports bra with you.
  • Activities should be limited to no lifting, pushing, pulling, exercising or aggressive arm movement for the first three weeks or until advised to do so by Dr. Parker.
  • You should never drive a motor vehicle under the influence of any narcotic pain medication.
  • Continue antibiotics as prescribed for four days following surgery to lower the risk of infection.
  • You will return to the clinic as needed for follow-up care at no additional charge.
  • Pain medication has a tendency to constipate many patients. Feel free to start on a gentle, over the counter laxative upon release from the surgical center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will I be able to breast feed after breast enlargement surgery?

There is no evidence that breast implants will affect fertility, pregnancy, or your ability to nurse.

2. How long will my implants last?

The life span of an implant will vary from patient to patient and implant to implant. Because of this uncertainty, the implant manufacturer offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on their implants. Should your implant rupture at anytime, they will provide another implant for no charge. In addition to the no charge implant, the manufacturer will also provide you with financial assistance, which can be applied to the doctor, facility and anesthesia expenses, for the first 5-10 years.


3. Which implant, Saline or Silicone?

The saline implants used today are of the highest quality and provide a very natural shape and feel. Saline implants are typically used in most breast augmentations today; however, are not the only option, silicone implants are available. Dr. Parker was one of the few surgeons authorized to implant silicone through the FDA study. If you qualify and are interested in silicone implants, you can discuss the benefits and risks at your consultation with Dr. Parker.

4. What size implant should I choose?

Choosing an actual implant size is sometimes confusing and stressful to patients. As a result, Dr. Parker has developed a better technique for determining your final breast size outcome. At your preoperative visit, you will be shown photos of women that have had breast augmentation surgery. From these photos you will decide on your desired look. After seeing your final choice, Dr. Parker will calculate based on your chest wall, breast pocket dimensions and body frame which implant will best achieve your desired result. You may wish to bring a photo of your own, and are encouraged to do so if desired.

5. What if I already have Implants?

Dr. Parker has built a very busy practice of implant removal and replacement. Quite often patients are unhappy with another surgeons work or maybe they have experienced some drooping or even a deflated implant. Many physicians don’t like dealing with problems out of the norm; however Dr. Parker is very talented at finding the perfect procedure to revise your surgery and meet your expectations.

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