About Us

DrParkerHeadShotDr. Brian Juel Parker is the medical director and founder of Parker Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Solutions.

Dr. Parker is a Las Vegas native that comes from a family whose name has been in the medical community since the early 1960s. Like his family before, Dr. Parker is an excellent surgeon and sought after as an authority in his field of practice.

Dr. Parker began his studies at Brigham Young University and received an undergraduate degree in Business. He went on to study medicine at the Chicago Medical School where he earned his medical degree and was selected as one of the few to go on to train at the University of California Los Angeles, UCLA. Here he completed his internship and residency in the field of general surgery. To finish out his training and wind up his scholastic career, Dr. Parker attended the University of Wisconsin where he received extensive, focused training in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Although perfectly qualified, it is important to remember that plastic surgery is not just about degrees and affiliations. Plastic surgery requires an artist’s eye with the skillful hand of a surgeon. These are traits that can not be taught in an educational setting. A surgeon either has these gifts or he/she does not.

Dr. Parker’s trained, skillful eye is evident in the results of his work. He is a perfectionist that has mastered the art of selecting which surgery, technique and possibly implant are best suited for his patients. Quite often, surgeons lose track of the individual nature of each patient; as they progress in their practice they begin to have an assembly line approach to surgery. In Dr. Brian J Parker’s office, you will not find a cookie cutter approach to surgery. Each patient is evaluated for their individual needs, their specific body types, and their desired outcome. A surgical plan is then formulated with you in mind.

It is our office policy to get each patient in as quickly as possible. We try to accommodate all requests for consultations within two weeks. We are dedicated to coming early and/or staying late to accommodate your needs.

Clinic Details

Dr. Parker is happy to offer consultations two days a week. We are available to serve you in office, on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 5pm. Surgeries are then scheduled on Monday, Wednesday and as needed on Fridays.

The staff is available to help you schedule your consultation and surgery, arrange for financing if necessary, answer all your questions and arrange for transportation when needed. This is a short list of many services available to you through Dr. Parker’s staff.

The Staff
Dr. Parker has hand selected the best staff in the Valley. You are sure to agree after you have experienced the personalized service, attention to detail and security of knowing that you have a personal patient care coordinator available to accommodate your specific needs.

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